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Subtitle: English for Wine Professionals & Wine Lovers.
Authors: Mike Mazey et al.
Participating Masters of Wine: Alison Flemming MW, Debra Meiburg MW, Jasper Morris MW, Count John Umberto Salvi MW, Dr. Josef Schuller MW, Michael Hill Smith MW, Frank Smulders MW, Simon Thorpe MW.
Publisher: MKM Language school, Translation agency.
First Edition, Brno 2015.
512 pages with numerous pictures.
Size 28×22 cm; softcover.
Weight of the book: 1865 g.
ISBN 978-80-260-8795-3; ISBN 9788026087953.
Published in English language.

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    + For wine professionals, this educational package has been designed to launch your career in the international wine trade.
    + For wine lovers, this study guide will take your English to the next level as you consider one of your favourite passions; the world of wine.
    + This book is designed as a self-study aid for non-native speakers of English at the intermediate level and above, who wish to communicate about wine as: students, professionals, and wine lovers.
    + Read, watch and learn the English used in the wine industry from interviews with:
      * 40 world-class wine producers from 16 countries;
      * 8 Masters of Wine;
      * a host of wine specialists along the journey from Grapes to Glass;
      * and leading figures in the wine industry featured in more than 120 videos shot on location
    all compiled into this ground-breaking, interactive course-book with extensive online resources.

    About the content:
    + How to Use This Book
    + List of Videos
    + Section 1 - From Vine to Glass
      * Chapter 1 - The Vineyard
      * Chapter 2 - The Winery
      * Chapter 3 - Tasting & Describing Wine
      * Chapter 4 - Wine Marketing
      * Chapter 5 - Wine Sales & Tourism
      * Chapter 6 - Wine Competitions & Judging
      * Chapter 7 - Wining & Dining
      * Chapter 8 - Healthy, Wealthy & Wise with Wine
    All chapters involve these subchapters: Hints of Grammar, Pronunciation & Vocabulary, Review, Practical Wine English.
    + Section 2-8 Flagship Producers
    + Back Pages: Answer Key, English Sounds (IPA Chart), Glossary, Irregular and Phrasal Verbs in Wine English, Communication via Telephone, Email & Social Media.

    Jancis Robinson's opinion (pdf-Datei mit 300 kB)

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